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Pet Memorials by Rita Dixon

Our pets are our fur-babies and part of our family. The loss of a pet can be deeply distressing.  While holding a pet funeral may not be for everyone, many experts believe that having some type of ceremony can help us cope with the loss of a treasured animal friend.

We share years of joy with our pets, when their time comes, we grieve in a similar way to when a person close to us passes away. It makes perfect sense to honor them. A pet memorial ceremony can be helpful for both adults and children (especially if this is a child’s first experience of loss, death and grieving, in their lifetime). Consider the people who were in your pet’s life and invite them to participate or choose to get your entire family involved in making the arrangements. The process of creating a memorial ceremony can be very beneficial for all those who are grieving the loss of a pet.

When it comes to designing a pet’s memorial ceremony there are no hard and fast rules. Of course, it is up to you how elaborate or simple you would like your ceremony to be, there are common elements that many people include, such as saying a few words. In general pet funerals are intimate and informal. Choose to hold a ceremony in the backyard or a specific location, such as one of your pet’s favorite places; like a window seat or chair, or at the beach, walking track or at a park etc. within the Manawatu, Horowhenua and Kapiti regions.

Pets hold a special place in our lives and hearts, and their death creates a gaping hole that causes real, true grief. On top of this, pet owners are responsible for correctly and legally dealing with the pet’s body and environmental concerns need to be considered.

Personalised Memorials
Personalised Memorials
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Pet Funerals

Pet Funerals

Our fur-babies never pass judgment. It is good to express feelings of grief by creating a memorial ceremony to help deal with loss, while taking the time and the opportunity to remember and celebrate their life, together with family and friends.

The Pet Memorial Ceremony can include:

  • Prepare and create a customised Ceremony (via phone and email with Pet’s Family) A Ceremony may be made up of a poem, reading or passage, songs performed or music played, eulogy, tributes and enactments or rituals such as scattering of the ashes, planting a tree etc.
  • Conduct Memorial Ceremony (10 – 30 minutes duration) in backyard, park or other location
  • Provide copy of Ceremony wording
  • Accompany the Pet’s Family at time of a House call/Euthanasia, to say last goodbyes with some special words and music, optional

Starting from $99  a travel fee applies for locations further than 50km from Levin, Horowhenua.

To make this process as easy as possible it starts with a simple Questionnaire for a Pet’s Family to complete. This will require simple details such as the Pet’s name, Age, Cremation/Burial, Family’s names, phone, email, address, location of service, Memorial type e.g. tree/shrub, stone in garden etc. This can be done by email.