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Congratulations on your upcoming Wedding!As a couple you are unique and it’s important that is reflected in the type of wedding that will suit you. My name is Rita Dixon and I can help with planning your ceremony by providing advice, examples and preparing for your special day. I’m here to help your ceremony run smoothly, to be fun and memorable for all the right reasons. I like to think I’m funny and enjoy making people laugh. I am reliable, confident, adaptable and experienced. Though it’s not about me, it’s about you having the day of your dreams!It’d be great to hear about your plans so let’s meet for a coffee, tea, wine or beer or chat over the phone or on Zoom, its your choice.

Completely Customised Ceremony

One of a Kind
$ 400 +

  • Free initial consultation, no obligation meeting
  • Unlimited phone, email, messager, text, and/or Zoom etc.
  • Inspirational examples, ideas and advice for your ceremony
  • I create your unique bespoke ceremony for you
  • Your wedding date and time confirmed in my schedule
  • A rehearsal 1-3 days before your wedding day
  • My arrival 30+ minutes prior to the ceremony start time
  • Very professional and friendly officiating of your ceremony
  • Full collaboration with your support crew
  • Signing and I submit your particulars of marriage to be registered
  • Copy of your customised wedding ceremony

Travel is free near Waitarere Beach, an additional fee may apply.
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About Me:

With my guidance and experience I can help create your customised ceremony to suit your style. I believe in equality. It doesn’t matter who you love, what matters is that you have love in your life! I love themes even subtle things like a colour scheme or general overall look. I can work in with your theme including what I wear on the day (I love dressing up) and planning what I wear to your ceremony is all part of the fun for me.

Luckily I live near the beach just north of the beautiful Kapiti Coast with my super supportive husband and our 2 very pampered cats. I love animals and pets, especially including pets in wedding ceremonies, after all they are part of the family too!

A question I often get asked is why did I become a Celebrant and the answer is… I’ve always wanted to for ages because I love the rituals and structure to ceremonies especially the songs and music. It’s kind of like putting on a stage show, though on a more intimate scale. I care heaps about making sure it all goes well, after all we only get one go at this once in a lifetime occasion.  Also it’s really great to get to do public speaking without the focus being on me, it’s all about you as a couple, along with your support crew of friends, family and guests all having fun together on your special day.

I have been Registered as an Independent Marriage Celebrant since 2018.

I have achieved my Certificate in Celebrancy and the Toastmasters Certificate in Communication.

I am a Validated member of the Celebrants Association of New Zealand (VCANZ).

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